"Our task needs to be to free ourselves...embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty" Albert Einstein
Welcome to The Pet Professional

Qualified, trained and certified, The Pet Professional in Kent is unrivalled...
Trustworthy, knowledgeable and experienced, a full time Canine Behaviourist and pet care professional with a reputation for excellence and exclusivity.

Whether rehabilitating or training, dog walking or pet sitting, riding or boarding, the individual care your animals receive is unparalleled.

By feeding the mind, body and soul of each animal, The Pet Professional exists to care for and improve the lives of pets as well as educate pet owners.

'Located in Halstead, boarding only one dog at a time, my home offers your dog a unique, peaceful environment in which to enjoy all the comforts of a 'home away from home', including a large, secure garden adjoining quiet countryside. A 'holiday home' that each of the animals I care for and love, adore returning to.'
The Pet Professional is entirely transparent; 'I do not employ staff and have no pets or children of my own so there is no compromise to the quality of care your pets will receive. Consequently, my selective portfolio of clients are guaranteed a dedicated, tailored and personalised service.'

Your trust is earned and client relationships are built on honesty and integrity.

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Please refer to 'The Company' for details regarding my qualifications and values and to 'Services & Prices' for a breakdown of how I can assist you and your pet.