Services & Prices
"Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius". Edward O. Wilson

Canine Behaviour & Training

£65 (initial consultation)

The domestic dog is a species entirely on its own and canine behaviour is a broad and complex subject. There are often no 'quick fixes' or guarantees and eradicating unwanted behaviour at the source is imperative thus making professional guidance and advice essential in order to be successful.   

Understanding natural canine behaviour is the prerequisite for gaining perspective on aberrant behaviours and realising just how much pressure domestication has placed on our pets puts it all into context.

Without sound knowledge of practical and applied animal behavioural science; incorporating ethology, evolution, domestication, learning theory, physiology and welfare assessment; human psychology is our only frame of reference for communication with our dogs but, of course, they are an entirely different species. Anthropomorphism (the attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to an animal) is very often where we go wrong.

I have strong ethical views on how to resolve behavioural issues and it has been proven over and over that fear, force or intimidation are neither justified, nor necessary, to modify behaviour in animals. Outdated 'dominance reduction’ based theories are now being replaced by kind, fun and gentle Positive Reinforcement techniques which instil confidence and trust in our dogs.

With our dogs in balance, emotionally & psychologically, training is just as important. Obedience training ensures our dogs’ safety and a harmonious coexistence with us in human society. Spending a day out with your dog should be one of the greatest privileges of owning ‘man's best friend’ and knowing you can take your companion anywhere in any environment not only strengthens your relationship but provides you with peace of mind.

Time efficient consultations are on a one-on-one basis for convenience and value for money.

Dog Walking

£15 (1hr 30min service)

Running, exploring, and socialising with other dogs is the most natural, enjoyable and important part of your dog’s day. In a natural environment, healthy dogs would be active for the majority of the day and would almost never be without other dogs for company. Domestication has placed considerable restrictions on our dogs and, with our increasingly busy lives, behavioural issues often arise due to boredom, confinement and isolation from their own species.

A Pet Professional walking service is a physical and psychological opportunity for exercise, mental stimulation, exploration and socialisation; key instinctive requirements for this species.

Your garden and property is nothing more than a giant kennel to your dog, no matter how large it is. Running freely in unexplored territory stimulates the senses and allows dogs to be dogs. 'Single-dog-households' benefit even more so, as their dogs have the opportunity to socialise with their own species. Canines are hardwired to live among each other and it is often underestimated just how important this interaction is.

Providing top of the range safety, comfort and hygiene, all dogs are collected and dropped off at home in a fully equipped vehicle and towel dried if wet or muddy (please see Pet Taxi services for a detailed vehicle description).

Three to four dogs are walked at a time to ensure maximum control, safety and my undivided attention. Walks can also be tailored for younger or older dogs as well as those who may have health issues; however, all dogs must be ‘dog & people friendly’.

Along with the need for adequate exercise, nature intended for dogs to be free. To fulfil this basic need, your permission will be required to let your dog off lead and training can be provided if your dog's recall skills are not reliable.

Taking advantage of Kent's rich countryside, world renowned as the Garden of England, walks take place in varying locations in natural surroundings to keep them interesting & stimulating.

Dogs are walked in all weather conditions, unless deemed dangerous, which enables you to return home guilt free to a content and resting dog.

Coastal day trips to beaches are scheduled periodically in the summer for dogs to enjoy plenty of fun, sea air and swimming (£30 per day).

Dog Boarding

£25 per day

Dogs are highly sociable animals that require constant personalised care, supervision and attention, making this service the ideal modern day choice. I board only one dog at a time and, with no pets or children of my own, there is no compromise to the quality of care your dog will receive. Located in Halstead, my home offers a unique, peaceful environment in which your dog is free to enjoy all the comforts of a ‘home away from home’ including a large, secure garden adjoining quiet countryside.

Dogs require companionship and don’t enjoy being left alone for lengthy periods, which makes Dog Boarding the perfect choice in many circumstances. Whether you are at work, on a day trip, travelling, out overnight, or busy with absolutely anything that takes more than a few hours, The Pet Professional offers you flexibility, freedom and choice.

Leaving/boarding your dog should not be a heartbreaking experience. I believe that my dogs love the variety, enrichment and familiarity my ‘holiday home’ provides. With two off-lead wooded walks a day and day trips that include beaches & lakes on weekends, the dogs I care for and love, adore returning.

For your convenience, all that is necessary to bring along with you is your dog’s food and favourite chews/toys as I have beds, bowls, towels, blankets, poop bags etc.

I regret that I am unable to take more than one dog at a time and all dogs must be ‘dog & people’ friendly. The Pet Professional Boarding service is not a kennel and your dog therefore must be suitable to an unrestricted home environment. Therefore, I am unable to board any dogs with toileting issues, destructive tendencies (chewing of human items/digging etc), excessive barking or separation anxiety (must be able to spend a few hours alone).
Grooming - 'clean & tidy' (£45) – offered as an 'add on' service to Dog Boarding, in a quiet, stress free home environment, The Pet Professional canine grooming service includes a shampoo, condition, dry & brush, toe nail clip, ear clean and 'neat & tidy' scissor trim (face & feet). Only natural organic hypoallergenic products are used.

Pet Sitting

£15 per day

Almost all animals, including hamsters and birds, but cats in particular, much prefer to stay in their own environment with as little disruption to their routine as possible. Avoiding unnecessary stress, modern day Pet Sitting involves taking care of your pet in the familiar and comforting surroundings of your own home. Generally, this daily service would include providing food and water, a head-to-tail assessment (basic health check), access to an outdoor/exercise area, cleaning and replacement of bowls/bedding/litter and of course, company & affection.

My Pet Sitting service also includes additional security and complimentary benefits, such as checking in on your home while you are away. Watering plants, regulating heating, tidying post, opening and closing curtains, switching lights on and off and giving your home an overall 'lived in' appearance, all assists in deterring crime and giving you peace of mind.

I am also able to supply essentials such as fresh milk and bread should you be returning home during unsociable hours.

Your pet is unique and the service you receive from The Pet Professional is entirely personalised, therefore, if your cat enjoys Magic FM or your guinea pig only drinks Evian, this is precisely what will be provided.

Horse Care

Cost will vary depending on requirements

Whether you are on holiday or at work, horse care services can include exercising, feeding/watering, grooming, mucking out, bringing in and turning out, rug changes or attendance for vet and farrier appointments. The Pet Professional services can include anything from hanging up a hay net to hacking out, or even just clicker training sessions for a bit of fun, enrichment and company for your horse. 

These magnificent animals gave me a gift early in life that has enabled me to return to working with them and, having owned many ponies and horses of my own, I have years of equine experience to offer.

Care for additional farm animals can also be provided and quoted on.

Pet Taxi

Cost will vary depending on requirements

In the event of an emergency or simply for convenience, The Pet Professional Pet Taxi service can be used to transport your pet to and from just about anywhere. I can either accompany your pet or offer you a 'drop off & collect' service, depending on your requirements. Whether you need your pet transported to the vet, groomer, or even your wedding, they will benefit from a safe and comfortable journey. 

My fully equipped vehicle includes a specialised custom-made 'dog pod' containing large individual compartments with padded bedding to keep pets safe, secure and separate from each other (imperative when transporting multiple animals). Fresh water and a first aid pet kit is carried on board.

Unlike a van, my 'multi-space' people carrier has large panoramic working windows throughout allowing for adequate light and fresh air. The Pet Professional vehicle is also frequently cleaned and disinfected, ensuring optimum hygiene.

Wedding service – The Pet Professional pet taxi service can offer you a unique opportunity to create a 'wow' factor at your wedding by including your best friend in the most important day of your life. More & more wedding venues in the UK are becoming ‘dog friendly’ so that couples can include their ‘family member’ in their ceremony and/or photo shoot. 

Perhaps combine this transport/chaperone service with Boarding & Grooming to create an exclusive & tailored wedding package for your dog.