"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" Gandhi
Services & Prices

Whether you are at work, travelling, out overnight, moving house, getting married, ill, bringing home a new baby or just plain busy - The Pet Professional is a hassle free solution and a responsible choice.

Although all areas of pet care have progressed significantly over the last decade, two aspects in particular have dramatically changed the way we care for our pets:

  • We now make use of modern day pet care professionals for Boarding and Pet Sitting in a home environment and Dog Walking to provide adequate exercise & socialisation

  • We now fully understand that fear, force or intimidation are neither justified nor necessary to modify behaviour in animals and that better, long-term results can be achieved using wholly compassionate methods (positive reinforcement)

All pets in my care have been suitably treated against disease and internal/external parasites
Discounts will apply to bookings of more than one pet and longer stays
All services are subject to availability and area coverage. Mileage costs may apply to clients located further afield
All prices are a guideline and may vary depending on the specific assignment

Behavioural Advice & Rehabilitation

Canine Behaviour & Training

£65 (initial consultation)

The domestic dog is a species entirely on its own and canine behaviour is a broad and complex subject. There are often no 'quick fixes' or guarantees and eradicating unwanted behaviour at the source is imperative thus making professional guidance and advice essential in order to be successful...read on 

Dog Walking

Running, exploring, and socialising with other dogs is the most natural, enjoyable and important part of your dog’s day. In a natural environment, healthy dogs would be active for the majority of the day and would almost never be without other dogs for company. Domestication has placed considerable restrictions on our dogs and, with our increasingly busy lives, behavioural issues often arise due to boredom, confinement and isolation from their own species...read on 

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

£25 per day

Dogs are highly sociable animals that require constant personalised care, supervision and attention, making this service the ideal modern day choice. I board only one dog at a time and, with no pets or children of my own, there is no compromise to the quality of care your dog will receive. Located in Halstead, my home offers a unique, peaceful environment in which your dog is free to enjoy all the comforts of a ‘home away from home’ including a large, secure garden adjoining quiet countryside...read on 

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

£15 per day

Almost all animals; cats in particular, but even hamsters and birds, much prefer to stay in their own environment with as little disruption to their routine as possible. Avoiding unnecessary stress, modern day Pet Sitting involves taking care of your pet in the familiar and comforting surroundings of your own home. Generally, this daily service would include providing food and water, a head-to-tail assessment (basic health check), access to an outdoor/exercise area, cleaning and replacement of bowls/bedding/litter and...read on 

Horse Care

Horse Care

Cost will vary depending on requirements

Whether you are on holiday or at work, horse care services can include exercising, feeding/watering, grooming, mucking out, bringing in and turning out, rug changes or attendance for vet and farrier appointments. The Pet Professional services can include anything from hanging up a hay net to hacking out, or even just clicker training sessions for a bit of fun, enrichment and company for your horse...read on 

Wedding Service

Pet Taxi

Cost will vary depending on requirements

In the event of an emergency or simply for convenience, The Pet Professional Pet Taxi service can be used to transport your pet to and from just about anywhere. I can either accompany your pet or offer you a 'drop off & collect' service, depending on your requirements. Whether you need your pet transported to the vet, groomer, or even your wedding, they will benefit from a safe and comfortable journey...read on