Beijing time on May 28, 2014, NBA playoffs continue. Thunder 105-92 home victory over the Spurs, authentic nba jerseys china the series total score into two levels. 2012 seems to have to put on a big reversal, of course, the premise is Ibaka stay healthy.

trend of the game two years ago and now is exactly the same. In the 2012 Western Conference finals, the Spurs also won the first two at home to a 2-0 lead, but then won two games to Oklahoma City Thunder chase was a tie. Next, the Thunder did not give any chance Spurs staged a comeback 4-2 directly. The same cheap nba jerseys authentic year, the Spurs are 2-0 at home, also was tied at two away, it seems to step into the same river.

and two years ago, the Spurs still living systems that rely on the team, the Thunder or the impact of violent youth army. Although there is no Harden, but Dewey two little strength but has been completely transformed. However, the change in the trend of the nba jerseys cheap authentic series or Ibaka.

when Ibaka is not on the court, the Spurs were the first two in the box to get 66 points and 54 points, respectively, rebounding margin of Thunder 3 and 15. But after Ibaka comeback, the Spurs game in the penalty area only get 40 points, and today only 36 points. Thunder on a rebounding margin of 16, today it is still authentic nba jerseys from china leading the Spurs, blocks and steals to 8-2 and 12-4, respectively, also far more than the Spurs.

Thunder tactics are best at defensive back, defensive front, back in nba authentic jerseys sale the post. The first two times the Spurs a chisel into the inside, neither covered nor was broken, rarely even a blacksmith, the Thunder did not start the break source. And behind the existence of two great disturbance ibaka Spurs attack, coupled with the powerful Jackson after starting physical pressure to the Spurs, so a lot of the Thunder get a chance to fight back, everything smoothly together.

Of course, this and the referee whistled for these two scales also have a certain relationship. If the referee whistled for a strict scale, some of the big action on a foul, then steals the thunder will be reduced, if the referee whistled for a loose scales, the Thunder's ability to shock and oppression stronger, easier access to defensive back.

showing from Ibaka comeback momentum, the Thunder obviously dominate Spurs Thunder talent system was shocked to pieces, and even can be said to be defeated.

Although from the point of view of probability and statistics, home advantage for the Spurs still occupy a certain advantage, but in fact it is not. Now become a series of three games system, the Spurs have two at home, in this case the Spurs history score is 8-4, cheap authentic nba jerseys and the Thunder in the two draws and no home advantage where only one wins and 4 losses. But the data is dead, the game is alive, as long as Ibaka health, the Spurs played too hard to thunder. 2012's comeback even after four games, will be staged again.

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