Beijing time on May 28, Oklahoma City Thunder beat the San Antonio Spurs 105-92, the authentic nba jerseys series score into 2-2. Ibaka audience 10 points, eight rebounds and three blocks, Perkins 2 points, 10 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, two inside gates together torment Duncan, Ibaka to large cap stone, Perkins angry defense to Duncan, Duncan The battle played very rude.

Ibaka's defense changed the Spurs established insider attack, would authentic nba jerseys for cheap not join the Spurs beat the Thunder inside. Spurs Thunder lure outside inward protrusion, Ibaka guarding the inside to let Parker, Danny - Green no scoring opportunities. Ibaka Thunder defensive importance of self-evident, Ibaka on the first section of the game which sent two blocked shots, hit the first 3 minutes, Split low storm, Ibaka on a large Brazilian pot. To 6 minutes and 46 seconds when a high ball to Duncan singled Ibaka, stone them to force a breakthrough, the ball was just out of shot Ibaka fan, followed by fast-break layup, layup action seen from Ibaka off the still very sensitive.

see when Spurs Split Ibaka has a guilty conscience, Section 6 minutes 58 seconds left hit, Split attack authentic jerseys nba the ball to the basket, see Ibaka virtual heart to give up of the offensive opportunities, Brazilians are ibaka anti afraid.

superior ability to defend Ibaka, Perkins carry the dead Duncan, Ibaka edge attack defense. This strategy allows the Spurs interior defense inefficient attack the basket, Duncan and Split have a total of 11 shots, scored a total of 12 points, buy authentic nba jerseys a score attack inside the series four games to a minimum. Ibaka comeback from injury to contrast, Spurs difficult to adapt, undulating.

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Ibaka Perkins comeback also led the state, race 9 minutes and 48 seconds into the third quarter, Perkins and Tim Duncan in the paint card, Perkins grabbed the next position in the Duncan case, lying hands from behind Duncan shoulder, the two intertwined. Duncan is very rare for Perkins freak, angry death stare Perkins, Perkins referee defensive foul, offensive tee after the Spurs, and Tim Duncan in the paint ball singles, but was Perkins and Iba Heli defensive cover before the top of the card, a big hat ibaka Duncan cover directly to the ground.

apparently Ibaka on the Thunder interior defense is very important, he led the team to the basket defensive quality. Thunder first two games, unable to defend Duncan, stone footsteps always used to get rid of Perkins flexible defense, and then easily take the points. Durant assume the task of defending Duncan, but the effect is not very good. Once opened and Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and other players will have more opportunities. We can say that Ibaka comeback broken Vital Spurs attack but authentic nba jerseys for sale also improves the quality of the offensive team after two games the Spurs have to be adjusted.

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