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Behavioural Advice & Rehabilitation

'Lisa gave me incredibly comprehensive and clearly expressed advice on the various behavioural issues I was having with Nala and followed this up with an equally thorough written report of our discussion. Not only did I find her approach very professional and intelligent, it was also effective in practice and extremely good value for money.'

Carolyn (Nala)

Behavioural Advice & Rehabilitation

'Lisa has helped us on numerous occasions with our Jack Russell Digger; most recently my wife and I had our first child and had a lot of problems with integration to the extent that we were going to have to part ways with Digger which was utterly devastating for us both. However through Lisa's advice and careful guidance & management we were able to integrate our daughter and Digger together to the degree that they are now best friends. We cannot recommend Lisa highly enough, as she is utterly professional, incredibly thorough, and additionally a very nice person.'

Chris & Ellie (Digger)

Behavioural Advice & Rehabilitation

'Amber loves going out with Lisa and her other dogs, and her willingness to be flexible is a great help to us. Also her knowledge of dog behaviour cannot be bettered in the local area.'

Rebecca (Amber)

Behavioural Advice & Rehabilitation

'Cindy is a wonderful three and a half year old Labrador who has recently been terribly unwell and it has taken a strong and loving team to bring Cindy back to health. Lisa has been a vital and pivotal part of that team, and I didn't realise when Lisa agreed to walk Cindy for us, just how lucky we were to have found this amazing lady who not only loves animals but is a veritable expert on so many aspects of pet care. We have turned to Lisa on all aspects of Cindy's welfare; coprophagia, diet, illness, loss of confidence and the before and after care of our dog when she had puppies. Lisa has been invaluable in bringing Cindy back to health, and in addition, her patience and good will is beyond any job description. For us, she has quite simply been an angel at a time of great need. If you and your pet should be lucky enough to have her in your lives, you will think yourselves very privileged indeed.'

Karen (Cindy)

Behavioural Advice & Rehabilitation

'Murphy was rescued from Ireland and arrived rather traumatised. Lisa helped me tremendously in settling him in, and he adores her; she is the only person outside the family who is greeted with huge excitement and he leaps into her car without a backward glance. Lisa, deservedly, is kept very busy and I just wish I could clone her so that Murphy could always spend his holidays with her. She is caring, professional and so obviously enjoys her job, and any dog is lucky to spend time with her.'

Trisha (Murphy)

Behavioural Advice & Rehabilitation

'Sometimes, when you are so close to an issue with your dog, you just don't see the obvious and try to do too much or expect too much improvement too soon. Lisa points you in the right direction suggesting small, easy to implement actions that always make so much sense. She knows not only how to encourage dogs but also their owners with her positive, considered, friendly and highly approachable manner. She never judges the owners, just strives to get the best out of the dog-owner relationship and trains by reward not domination. She is always happy to advise and answer questions as they arise along the way. She has helped us with Archie, our GSD x Collie with lead work and separation anxiety, as well as Logan, a mongrel, with his fear of men and poor recall. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lisa, The Pet Professional'

Paula (Archie & Logan)

Behavioural Advice & Rehabilitation

'Lisa has always gone above and beyond in terms of caring for our dog. We can go to work and be confident that Wispa is well taken care of and having a great time. Lisa has also given us amazing advice regarding nutrition, training, and behaviour, and when we board Wispa with her, we are happy knowing that Wispa is in a comfortable place with a person who genuinely cares for her.'

Emily (Wispa)

Behavioural Advice & Rehabilitation

'Dudley is our three and a half year old Cotton de Tulear. When Lisa came round to our house to meet us and Dudley, we knew immediately that she was the right person. Dudley loves staying with her and he is treated like part of her family. Lisa also walks Dudley, and she has given him so much more confidence when meeting new dogs. She is such a lovely caring person and Lisa is the only person we would trust with our Dudley.

Mandy & Russell (Dudley)

Behavioural Advice & Rehabilitation

'Peaches absolutely adores Lisa (we often feel quite jealous!!) and is ecstatic every time the Pet Professional car pulls up on our drive. From day one we have benefited from Lisa's expert training and advice, including diet, vets, dog psychology and much more. Lisa is always reliable, flexible and full of positive energy with a happy smile brightening up our day. Peaches is an absolute delight - fit, gentle and full of love and fun. Lisa takes enormous credit for that.'

Ronnie & Kim (Peaches)

Behavioural Advice & Rehabilitation

'Lisa has provided wonderful cat-sitting services for our two indoor cats, Basil and Sybil, for years now. We have always returned to very happy cats, who appear totally relaxed and better groomed than when we left them! Lisa is very good at providing us with regular updates whilst we are away, which helps us to relax, safe in the knowledge that our precious pets are being well looked after. It is also good to have someone reliable visiting the house every day from a security aspect. We highly recommend her services!'

Karen & Steve (Basil & Sybil)

Behavioural Advice & Rehabilitation

'We have enlisted Lisa's services many times and under a variety of circumstances. Whether it be dog walking, pet sitting/feeding or emergency advice, it has always been with a smile and assurance that all will be well. When we are away or out and about it is lovely to receive quick updates to let us know that all is in order, however the greatest compliment comes from our dogs, Bridie & Frank; should we happen upon Lisa on one of our walks, two more excited dogs you will not see, the adulation for her is overwhelming.'

Mandy (Frank & Bridie)


'Lisa is a natural with dogs, and in particular with Sadie, my first dog. Lisa has been a great part in training and developing her into an obedient loving pet, and she also advises me on feeding Sadie. Sadie loves to be with her and I know I have no need to worry when she is in Lisa's care. Lisa is very reliable, transports the dogs very safely and treats all dogs in her care as if they are her own. '

Audrey (Sadie)

Behavioural Advice & Rehabilitation

'Lisa provides a loving, caring, safe environment when looking after our golden cocker spaniel. Maggie adores Lisa and can't wait to go on her holidays throughout the year, where she enjoys adventures to wonderful locations giving her lots of fun and exercise. It truly is the most amazing place to leave your dog when you go on your holidays!!'

Lisa (Maggie)

'Lisa cares for our cockatiels, Gem and Billy, and our Java Dove, Peace, on a regular basis when we are on holiday. They are relaxed and happy when we return and have obviously been pampered, receiving their favourite treats. It is a great relief to know that our pets are well cared for and safe, and we have complete confidence in Lisa. She always updates and assures us while we are away and her skills of understanding and communicating with all animals (she was also part of our dog Grace's life) are second to none. She is a responsible, sensitive and caring professional and we highly recommend her.'

Diana & Bill (Gem, Billy and Peace)

'The Pet Professional provided an excellent service to our guinea pig whilst we were on holiday. She was flexible with the arrangements and made sure that the animals were very well looked after. It was very reassuring to know that someone was not only looking in on the pets but also keeping an eye on the house. As an added bonus, Lisa even did the washing up! I would highly recommend the Pet Professional to provide a caring and thorough pet sitting service.'

Lisa (Poppy)

'Lisa looked after Lady for 6 months on a time share basis and during this time would muck out, prepare the stable for bringing in, make up feeds, tie hay nets and change rugs as and when necessary. Lisa carried out her duties to a high standard and also rode Lady for me twice a week. Lisa treated Lady like her own and Lady loved her!'

Kizzie (Lady)

'We are delighted to recommend Lisa to anyone looking for help with their pets whilst they are away. She is professional, reliable, caring and wonderful with both Mr Pickles and our cats. In fact sometimes I wonder if they look forward to the extra pampering! Lisa's flexibility and reassuring texts, where nothing is too much trouble, mean that we have no concerns about the pets or our home when we are away. Finding Lisa is like discovering a rare gem.'

Nikki (Mr Pickles)