Education & Experience

I have studied Canine Behaviour through the Natural Animal Centre; whose strong ethical views and practical application of animal behavioural science & positive reinforcement, made them the perfect choice for my canine behavioural studies.

I have studied various aspects of animal care for numerous species of pets, including Pet Sitting and Dog Walking through the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training (Canine and Feline Behaviour Association).

I have been assessed and approved as an Instructor by the ADTB (Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour) and hold an Emergency First Response certificate in Canine First Aid. I have also completed training in Canine Grooming, TTouch Pet Massage Therapy and Canine Nutrition.

"Whatever the task, it will go faster, better and be more fun if you know how to use positive reinforcement" Karen Pryor

The Company

I have always possessed an honest love and appreciation for the natural world and all living creatures. Since I can remember, I felt a close affinity with animals and in particular, with my first love; horses.

These magnificent animals gave me a gift early in life; the passion to leave behind a corporate existence to pursue a career dedicated to the wellbeing of animals. I owe the extraordinary privilege of making a difference, doing something I love passionately, to these sensitive and beautiful creatures.

Lifestyle Management

Today, more then ever, we are better equipped to understand what our pets really need but, as humans, we are also far busier. Perhaps, where dogs are concerned, we reason that if they are fed, watered and given plenty of affection, this is sufficient. But in reality, our beloved companions are often unintentionally neglected.

I believe, not only that there are now better ways to house and service our animals when we cannot be there for them, but also that fulfilling our pets' basic needs as a species, and as nature intended for them, is just as important. As animal lovers taking on the responsibility of pet ownership, we owe it to our pets to elicit help with our busy lifestyles from modern day pet care professionals.

I have attained work experience at numerous veterinary surgeries, rescue shelters and pet health & therapy centres and have a network of highly respected professionals, including vets, with whom I liaise on a regular basis. My education is ongoing as I continue to attend courses, seminars and workshops to stay abreast of modern day research and techniques.

Finally, my wonderful clients have provided me with years of invaluable experience, furthering my understanding of what our pets really require in order to feel fulfilled, content and balanced on all levels; physically, psychologically and emotionally. This is my one true objective as I believe they deserve nothing less.

Certificates and referrals are available on request with my portfolio available to view at a 'no obligation' consultation.
I am also police checked and fully insured.